Current and past life regression sessions

to heal your soul and achieve your goals
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In a relaxed and focused state of consciousness you can access current or past life memories which can help get out of unwanted recurring situations, release negative emotions, clear stuck energies, receive peace and healing and a wider perspective into the events of your life.

Getting to the root of a problem can be a quick and effective way to solve it. It might take some courage and determination to go to the painful memories but the relief you get is often rewarding.

It does not have to be a problem that prompts you to try regression therapy. You can decide to visit a past life to get some inspiration and find out about your strengths and talents. Relived positive experiences will help establish a link to the desired qualities or state of being.

Exploring your soul's journey is an exciting and fulfilling experience. There are many stories full of discoveries your soul can tell you to enrich your experience and expand perception.

Online sessions through Zoom.
It maybe one of the listed below or
a combination of them.
Current life regression

A phrase, an intonation or a small incident and emotions are flaring. Seems to be too little ground for such a reaction but here we go again - pulled into drama and overwhelmed. This usually signals there is a childhood trauma, a more serious event behind it or a series of them repeated for a long period. To get out of the trap we will revisit those events and heal them.

Past life regression

It's often looking backwards that we can see how far we have come. Connecting the dots to get the whole picture of the soul's journey help us to better understand and accept the lessons we have already learnt and the ones we are still mastering. Past life healing will have a ripple effect on our current and future self, accelerating our spiritual growth.

Inner child healing

Smaller or bigger childhood wounds often affect the way we feel and act today. When we were small our ability to reason and explain things was limited or blocked by strong emotions. Meeting our inner child to heal the wounds and give the support, love and wisdom they needed will prevent our childhood version of us to get us into the grip of emotions.

How does it work?
It starts with understanding your needs and setting the goal and then exploring and transforming

We will discuss the issue or the challenge you would like to work with and will determine emotions and physical symptoms related to it. We will aim to go to the root of the issue to review the events that had caused it. You might see it as a movie, re-experience emotions or intuitively understand what is happening.

We will transform those memories by expressing emotions, releasing the energy you might feel is stuck in the body and finding the reason and meaning of the experience. This will give space for healing, learning and wisdom, personal growth and spiritual development.

Between lives

spiritual regression

What is spiritual world like? What do we do between incarnations? How do we plan our lives and why do we choose certain challenges? What are my lessons and mission? Why do I struggle with certain emotions or relationship? Who are my soul friends? What do we do together?

You will name many other questions the answers to which you would like to find out while visiting the spirit realms. It's an exciting journey to the depth of your essence and the world of divine order and wisdom to get a glimpse beyond the veil.

It would take two sessions for about 3 hours each to explore
the spiritual world. In the first one we would need to clear
any blockages from current or past lives and test how deeply
you can relax. In the second session we will explore the most
recent past life and the plane between incarnations.
  • Is it for me?

    To guide you through the experience I attended trauma healing courses and got certified in hypnosis, past life regression therapy and between lives spiritual regression. I am also a member of Earth Association of Regression Therapy and Spiritual Regression Therapy Association. The clients that benefited from the sessions can share some of their stories which you will find below. Still, a personal conversation is probably the best way to make sure the method and the person to assist you in the journey is right for you.
Contact to book a session or
a free 20 min Zoom consultation
WhatsApp: +370 625 40956
Messenger: Jurate Mitrakas

The price for a 2 hour session is 80 Eur.
The price for a 3 hour session is 120 Eur.
Available time for the sessions is between
9 am - 10 pm EET time zone.

Current and past life regression is
a complimentary method to help with your well-being
and does not replace treatment by healthcare professionals.
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